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Real monks are those who live by the labor of their hands.
(Rule of St. Benedict)

The applications listed below were made in the monastery. You are welcome to support our work purchasing a license or making a donation (clicking/tapping ‘Donations’ above). Thank you.

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Chrono Machine
You may know the date of your birthday, but you may not know what day it was! Do you know whether the French Revolution started on a Monday or a Friday? What day will 2.2.2044 be?
Feed Chrono Machine any date from 1200 BCE to 2100 CE, and you will get its weekday.
And what about Julian and Gregorian calendars? Chrono Machine is able to provide you with this kind of info.
Eventually you may get the day of the week of Christmas and Epiphany from 100 CE to 5000 CE, and retrieve the dates of Easter Sundays from the first Century up to 5000 CE.

Psalms & Ragas
Audio-application containing all the Raga-based (i.e. Indian musical tones-based) Psalm-tunes, Refrains for the Psalms and Canticles, and liturgical songs created at St. Benedict Monastery in Bangladesh. Just select a Refrain, a Canticle, a Psalm-tune, or a song, and listen to its music, once or more times; and learn about the character and characteristics of each Raga.
Download Windows version (Windows X only).

BanglaBible JB
‘BanglaBible JB’ stands for Bangla Bible Jubilee Bible, which is the name of the Bible translated into Bangla and published in the Jubilee Year 2000. In fact, both translation and application have been made by the same institution, St. Benedict Monastery in Bangladesh.
It contains a wide variety of tools to work effectively on the Jubilee Bible.
Download Windows version (Windows X only).
In Scriptorium the text of Jubilee Bible is available in ePUB format.

Ordo Lectionum
“Ordo Lectionum” is a kind of calendar that shows the references of Bible-readings at Mass and of Divine Office for each day of a given year.
Printed calendars must be adjourned every year, removing and/or replacing some feast.
Unlike such calendars, this small utility does not need to be reset every year. Therefore users do not need to know whether the current year is A or B or C; neither do they need to check whether in the current year a given feast has been dropped or replaced. Opening the app they will get straight away references of the right readings (or the content of the Divine Office) for that particular day. And enabling the relevant option, the app will show the Biblical texts (in Bangla) as well.
Bangla-speaking users can easily switch the interface from English to Bangla.
Download Windows version (Windows X only).

SlideVoiceMusic is an application for viewing pictures and videos. Unlike other similar applications it offers only a single fade-effect function when moving from an image to the next, but it provides several other options/functions that can turn out rather usefull, in particular when the user wants to organize a conference based on a slideshow.
  • background music
  • it is possible to organize the content of folders modifying order and name of their content
  • it is possible to insert a text for each picture or an unique text for the whole show. These texts will be spoken during the show.

multiLibrary is an easy-to-use yet versatile database for organizing one or more libraries. By library one should understand Collection of...: in fact you can customize the predefined labels (Name, Title, Subtitle, Volume, Editor etc.) so that they reflect the kind of collection you wish to built; for instance, for your collection of CDs, labels could be set to: Composer, Title, Conductor, Genre etc.; for a store, labels could be set to: Product, Category, Manufacturer, Price etc.; for a hostel: Surname/Name, Address, Date of Entry, Room Number, Guardian, Fee etc., and so on and so forth.
Main features:
  • Number of records recordable: no limit; and for each record one picture can be stored.
  • Although the app does not rely directly on (DDC) Dewey Decimal Classification, users can build their own Classification scheme (see third screen-shot). In Help, a topic is available for this important function.
  • Data-protection by password and/or enchryption.
  • Several printing options: by authors, genre, etc.

Utility to remote-check (also in background) in one go one or several POP3 Mailboxes and manage their messages before downloading them.
Main features:
  • Mailbox: you can get the list of all its messages or a selection of them (ex. the last five messages, or messages from 7 to 11).
  • Messages: of each message you can view its partial or full content. Should you find any undesired message, you have the option to mark it as SPAM and to delete it.
  • Databases: the SPAM database offers criteria to mark as SPAM incoming messages; while the White List database holds the addresses of friendly mails that will be marked as such.
  • Import email addresses from Apple Contacts, and scheduled mail-checking supported.

Utility to search in one go one or several sets of words in hundreds of files created by wordprocessors, pagemakers, and html files etc. (except .pdf files).
In fact, if you write a lot, there may come a time when you are in doubt whether a certain word has always been spelled correctly: here comes iFindText’s usefulness, since you can make a search of the mispelled word and after a while you will see which of your files contain the mispelled word.

mp3 DJ
Easy to use audio-player application to listen to songs from several sources one after the other: load one or more CDs, mount external drives (ex. flash-drives), and watch mp3 DJ list all of the songs in a single virtual Playlist and play them continuously.
Main features:
  • Supports playback of all Quicktime-supported audiovisual files (i.e. not only mp3!)
  • Auto-loading and auto-ejecting of music CDs
  • Quick access to the content of the User-Music and Movies folders
  • Auto o manual displaying of videos (for audiovisual files)
  • Displaying of Artworks and Lyrics (when available).

DownloadManager’s usefulness lies in downloading files in a queue, and in resuming interrupted downloads. In fact, there are still many places in the world where slow connections cause the interruption of downloading processes.
Main features:
  • Auto-resume interrupted downloads
  • Download files ‘in queue’ (one after the other or concurrently)
  • Scheduled downloads: i.e. start a download-process at a fixed time.

Desktop Inspector
The main purpose of Desktop Inspector is to detect whether, on the Desktop or in any other location, there are unknown invisible items, i.e. files or folders you created unwillingly or by accident, or were created by a third-party software.
Third-party-installed invisible items are usually necessary for a given software to work, although they may also have been planted to act as a malware.
Invisible items (i.e. folders and files) are shown with different icons: 'friendly' (smiley) icons refer …

Calculator that besides the usual converting functions (Temperature, Pressure, Speed etc.) handles currency-convertion. In Log-mode it is possible to see operations as they are performed.
  • Double display in conversion mode: it shows both the entity converting from and the entity converting to
  • Updating EURO-based x-rates from the Net (when possible)
  • Delta variation in currency calculation.

Utility that at the user’s fixed time calls for attention by customizable notifications, screen-messages, or by saying ‘Hello!’ (or whatever you wish) or by playing a piece of music or a couple of beeps.
It can run several reminders, each at its set time, and skipping one or more days of the week.
  • Users can share (export by email or by file) and import created reminders
  • Users can choose whether to be reminded by notification, by a screen-message, by voice, or by music.

Electronic agenda to store email/web addresses, phone-numbers and text-data (postal-addresses, personal/confidential data etc.).
It dials phone/mobile-numbers and launches your emailer/browser. It can import relevant data from Contacts, vCards and ldif/csv formats (i.e. Thunderbird etc.), and export data in vCard and ldif/csv formats.
  • All user-entered data are encrypted
  • Dialing via modem or through the speakers
  • The app can interface with Messages and FaceTime.

Suppose you have a friend on holiday in some remote part of the globe and you want to know the right time to call him up: fine! Let BigBen show you at a glance the current date and time of twelve cities of your choice all over the world.
The total number of cities you can choose is two hundred and eightyfive; and through the relevant Window Menu, you can modify their name (for instance, replacing Tokyo with Nagasaki, etc.).
BigBen offers a variety of options, the most relevant being:
  • set the number of cities to be shown (from 1 to 12)
  • Date and Time viewable in the Menu Bar
  • show also the day of the week.

Application designed to improve one’s listening- and comprehension-level. It focuses on functions usefull especially to users whose mother language is not English.
Actually, with the variety of system-voices available nowadays, the app --besides English-- may be successfully used to improve one’s listening- and comprehension-level in other languages as well.
  • Voices can be quickly set in the Control Palette
  • A comedy may be composed, in English and other languages.

eTunes (i.e. easyTunes) is a small application that allows even non-professional musicians to create and play their own tunes.
In fact it is enough to click the piano-keys and eTunes will take care to code your inputs for the right output.
eTunes does NOT create files to be played by other applications like iTunes: it can play only its own files. To create audio-files the user will have to take advantege of other applications (like GarageBand): internal support for QuickTime Player's recording function supported.
A Tutorial and several songs are offered to help the user create chords and more complex music.

You may have to draw the schedule of a concert, or of any other kind of performance or program: iSchedule makes it easy for you to build any sort of schedules, since you can easily add and/or subtract hours, minutes and seconds.
By the way, the application had been originally commisioned by a renown Italian musician to draw the schedules of his own concerts.

iWEBmaster is a (X)HTML editor that allows you to easily create pages for a website. It addresses especially users who do not have a very deep understanding of html: so, its main aim is to teach the how and why of certain procedures. For this reason, sample-codes are heavily commented, as in a tutorial.
Through such tutorial samples one learns how to add buttons, tables, lists etc.; and the CSS Editor lets you create new styles.
While creating a page, you can at any time:
  • switch to preview mode to see how it looks in a browser
  • validate your code at different Markup Validation sites and access W3C to get online help.

Home-database created in order to have always and easily at disposal personal and family/institution-related data and info: anniversaries, dated to be reminded of, bank accounts’ and Insurance’s data, Credit Cards, login-strings and passwords, email and website addresses, and so on and so forth.
You can view records by their ‘Category’ (i.e. Label), search for words, make the application remind you (even automatically!) of anniversaries and expiration-dates, retrieve a picture or any other file or folder related to a given entry (for instance, copy of your Passport, Driving License, and so on), connect to Internet etc.
  • ‘Reminder’ function to be reminded of dates
  • ‘Pre-alert’ function (i.e., you may choose to be reminded ahead of a given date).

‘Tattva’ (or Tattwa) is a Sanskrit word: according to the Hindu philosophical Samkhya school (about 2300 BC), ‘Tattva’ refers to the five primary elements that make up the world: Sky, Fire, Air, Water, Earth. During the day, each Tattva remains active 24 minutes, and each of them forms a cycle of 2 hours that continually revolves during the day from the time of sunrise.
TattvaClock is a utility that keeps track of these cycles, showing the exact time when each of the main five Tattvas and their sub-Tattvas start.
Main features:
  • Sunrise, sunset and next day’s sunrise time set automatically.

Handy utility to manage in a friendly way a website through the FTP protocol (only UNIX servers, and no support for SFTP, but cfr. at the bottom ): you can upload/download files, change their name etc.
Main features:
  • Uploading and downloading of queued files and folders (i.e. directories).
  • Resuming of interrupted uploads/downloads.
  • Interface customizable (single/double paned window, as shown in the two screen-shots).
NB: Although the FTP protocol --in itself-- is not security-aware, nevertheless nowadays web-hosts, in the presence of the FTP protocol, automatically switch to ‘PURE-FTPd’, which is considered a highly security-aware protocol.