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Nothing is to be put before
the love to Christ and the liturgical prayer.

(Rule of St. Benedict)

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সন্ন্যাস প্রাহরিক উপাসনা
The Monastic Liturgy of the Hours in Bangla.

The Monastic Liturgy of the Hours is the Prayer Book of Christian monks. Its translation was made from the original Latin and Greek sources.
The book contains all the parts necessary to perform the Liturgy in the five times of the liturgical year (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Ordinary time) and for the celebration of Saints. Therefore it contains the appropriate Invitatories, Hymns, Antiphones, Readings, Prayers etc. for Matins, Lauds, Prayer during the day, Vespers and Compline.
Since the Office of Matins supports a two-year cycle, the book contains twice as many readings as contained in the Roman Office; that is, 800 Bible-readings and 1050 Patristic readings.

খ্রিষ্টমণ্ডলীর পিতৃগণের সঙ্গে সুসমাচার-ধ্যান
Homilies and sermons of the Fathers of the Church, translated in Bangla, for Gospel of Sundays and Feasts.

The Fathers of the Church (or Church Fathers or Christian Fathers) are ancient and generally influential Christian theologians, some of whom were eminent teachers and great bishops (such as Irenaeus of Lyons, Athanasius, Basil, Gregory of Nyssa, Gregory of Nazianzus, John Chrysostom, Ambrose, Augustine, Gregory the Great etc.).
Their homilies may be used for fruitful meditation on the Sunday-Gospel (and Gospel of Feastdays). Besides the Homilies, the appropriate Gospel passages are given too.

Online Liturgy
Liturgical celebrations for Sundays and Feasts, available in Bangla only.